WMHW Landing Pages Promo Video-FINAL

Norma LoPresti
over 4 years agoApril 22, 2015
Want to know what your home is worth without any hassles or commitment at this time?  You decide when you want me to call or stop by your home.  And best of all, IT'S FREE!
joe stout
almost 4 years agoOctober 24, 2015
how do I create a whats my worth home landing page?
Larry Heimbuch
almost 4 years agoOctober 29, 2015
How can I get it setup?
chris welland
almost 4 years agoOctober 27, 2015
Yeah  How does a guy go about make this landing page??  I'm all ears  Please coach me through it  Thanks
Nancy Fuguet
almost 4 years agoDecember 3, 2015
That's great but how do we get it to work?
Richard Vaughn
almost 4 years agoDecember 29, 2015
The unedited report that get delivered is almost pointless. I just ran it for my own home and it was delivered to me at 149 pages! I have some ideas to get a more useful report out to the prospects in order to get a better response if you guys want to discuss them.
almost 4 years agoDecember 29, 2015

I would love to discuss this with you. My email address is greg@wrstudios.com.  Lets set up a time to chat.
George W
over 3 years agoJanuary 30, 2016
I find the report to be too long and the "comps" are not good. After looking through the whole (90+ page) report, I never saw an actual value for the test home I entered!
Leo Diaz
over 3 years agoFebruary 3, 2016
I put the code on my Word Press site and it works quite nice, however the report people get was about 54 pages. Any way of editing the report down ? A 54 page report is simply too large.
Yolanda Ratliff
over 3 years agoFebruary 3, 2016
So how did you get a code to use?I still don't see anyone telling us how to get this? And I know you can edit down the report from your CLOUD CMA settings. It'll just keep the pages you choose as a default.
Dan G
over 3 years agoFebruary 11, 2016
How do I set this up on my web site page?
Pete T
over 3 years agoFebruary 19, 2016
I'm at 52 pages and there still isn't an estimated value provided.  I'd love to use the landing page, which, for those asking, is located on the "Lead Gen" tab after you click on "Settings" next to your name at the top right of the home page.  So the question is, how do we get an estimated value page to show and get rid of all the extra nonsense that is currently delivered?
over 3 years agoMarch 3, 2016
So how do I set this up?
I have the same i ssue
over 3 years agoMarch 16, 2016
Please let me know at laqueta@harrisproperties.com if anyone knows how to correct this.  I cannot imagine when someone innocently goes on and signs in on What's My Home Worth" that they think they are going to get a 100 page dissertation.  Thank you very much.
over 3 years agoMarch 18, 2016

Lisa C
over 3 years agoMarch 25, 2016
I use the "quick and dirty" (their words not mine - lol) feature which gives a little shorter version. I also try to remember I'm not trying to give them a detailed value of their property- it's basically a conversation starter which I can then follow up on. It's a LEAD generator tool not :)
about 3 years agoSeptember 27, 2016
How do I set up the "quick & dirty" automated response?
Daniel Rodriguez
over 3 years agoMarch 29, 2016
How do I set up?
over 3 years agoApril 27, 2016
Can you change the picture on the landing page?
Brenda Tushaus
over 3 years agoMay 12, 2016
How do we change the picture on the landing page? It doesn't speak "Minnesota". :) Also, our Department of Commerce requires the display of an agent name, broker name, and broker address on all websites or else we face harsh penalties. Can I add this information?
Brian White
over 3 years agoJune 29, 2016
I'd love a response to Steve and Brenda's question.  We should be able to update the landing page with a more localized photo, both for region and pricepoint.
about 3 years agoAugust 16, 2016
I cannot find the WMHW landing after I click the Lead Gen key.
All I have is the API key
Derek Jones
about 3 years agoAugust 23, 2016
Does this capture peoples addresses as partial leads if they don't submit their name/email?
Dustin Holindrake
almost 3 years agoNovember 17, 2016
I'm not seeing any answers on this forum, only questions. I like the tool and the report but want there to be an actual value since that is what the lead requested. How can we change settings to include this? Need an answer soon please, getting ready to send out postcards to a neighborhood I'm farming and need to figure out if I'm using this service or Boomtown. Thank you.
Dustin Holindrake
almost 3 years agoNovember 17, 2016
In addition to my above question I have one more. Can we set up the requested report to come from us, the agent, instead of the sender being Cloud CMA? The consumer has no idea who Cloud CMA is and it would make us look much better if they were receiving something branded from us and not from you. Thank you.
Hafid Boujidi
over 2 years agoFebruary 14, 2017
How can I custom that report sent to prospect? over a 100 pages
over 2 years agoFebruary 17, 2017
How can I set up the suggested listing price and the net sheet in the CMA that goes automatically to the client?
J Hamilton
over 2 years agoApril 6, 2017
How do you set up the What's your home worth landing page?
over 2 years agoJuly 3, 2017
How do I set the landing page to show my "preferred" way to be contacted from my contact page not my account page? The MLS is unable to assist me with this question, I hope you can help. Thank you.
Jeannie Heien
about 2 years agoAugust 25, 2017
I'd like to know how to set this up so I can use it on a mailer
Can someone tell me?
Nick White
about 2 years agoSeptember 20, 2017
I thought your Video was very cute but left me very empty and full of questions; I would like get a better understanding of the value of a customers house......can you please help me do so ? Please contact me ASAP......(925) 553-7912 (Office)
Paul Cameron
almost 2 years agoNovember 1, 2017
I received my first lead from the Landing page about 20 minutes after posting on FB. When I viewed what they saw, on pg. 2 it said "Dear Paul" not Breanna. That probably didn't go over too well. Needless to say, I have not heard from her after 2-3 attempts via e-mail. How can this be fixed?
almost 2 years agoNovember 8, 2017
Can I get a 1,2,3 on how to set up the landing page?  I liked the video, but I think you should follow it with a pdf that has a list of the steps on how to create the landing page.  Please email me mikramey@gmail.com.
almost 2 years agoDecember 11, 2017

over 1 year agoFebruary 4, 2018
How can I get a different picture on my landing page.  I used to have a real photo now it has a cheesy looking drawing. Not very high end .
over 1 year agoFebruary 16, 2018
Can that lead automatically be added to a crm?
over 1 year agoMarch 13, 2018
I tried this for my own home and the comps are not good. It doesn't pull up similar homes in my price range.
over 1 year agoMarch 30, 2018
How can I get a different picture on my landing page?
over 1 year agoMarch 30, 2018
about 1 year agoJuly 22, 2018
I would like to customize the report pages that are automatically emailed to leads. How do I do this? Please contact me at charitypdx@gmail.com. Thanks.
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